Solar Collector Tubes

As the sun’s rays hit the all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes, the temperature of the water in the tubes rises making it less dense or lighter. And hot and lighter water naturally moves up to the top of collector and through the evacuated collector tube convert to the storage tank. This makes the colder and heavier water in water tank moves down to the bottom of the collector. That continuous displacement occurs naturally.

Solar hot water heaters uses high quality Boron Silicon all-glass evacuated tubes with a selective coating Al-N/Al as collector, which has a high heat efficiency. The tubes have been checked for impact resistance to withstand hailstones of 25mm diameter, with a typical stagnation temperature of 260 degrees C, Strength 0, MPa with solar absorption of 0.77-0.94

This unit could also be used for low pressure booster pump operated systems. It includes: collector tubes, insulated stainless steel storage tank, cold water gravity feed tank and backup heating element.

Solar collector tubes

Why Evacuated Solar Collector Tubes?

  • Total stainless steel construction
  • 30% more efficient than other conventional type solar heaters
  • The glass tubes are made out of hardened glass to withstand 25mm diameter hailstones.
  • 10 years guarantee for stainless steel tank and 1 year comprehensive guarantee.
  • Food quality stainless steel manifold solar collector system for industrial purposes.