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Clean energy
Power from the sun
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On-Grid Solutions
Solar Grid-Tied PV Electricity Systems
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Solar Hot Water Systems
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Energy from the sun
Outdoor Solar Panes
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Hot water from the sun
Solar Water Heating
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About Micro Solar Power Technologist, Bandarawela

Providing Solar Electricity to Sri Lanka Since 1988

Micro Solar Power Technologist pioneered the introduction of solar electricity for rural homes in Sri Lanka since 1988. We source technology and technology partners from all over the world to fulfill emerging solar requirements in Sri Lanka. Learn more ↠

Net Metering in Sri Lanka

What is Net Metering?

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited (LECO) approved Net-Metering allows households to generate ‘free electricity’ and set off the power produced, against the power used from the national grid. The consumer will pay only for the “net” number of units (kWh’s) used (from the grid) each month. In the event the consumer produces power in excess of his usage in a particular month, that number of units (kWh’s) will be carried forward to the following month. Learn more ↠

Soorya Bala Sangramaya (Battle for Solar Energy)

Sooriya Bala Sangramaya - Battle for solar energyCome join the million solar power stations in Sri Lanka through the initiative of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA), Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited (LECO). Learn More>>

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New Solar Power Net Metering System (2 Kw) at St. Anthony’s Church, Bandarawela.

2 x installations of 150Lt Solar Hot Water Systems at Walakulu Vilauva Halpe Wattha, Ella.

2 x installations of 450Lt Solar Hot Water Systems at Eyeful Hotel Passara Road, Ella.

Installation of Solar Battery Backup Off Grid System (2 Kw System) opposite the Sabaragamuwa Campus, Belihuloya.

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